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Live Sound

Alchemy Sound Productions is a professional, yet inexpensive option for clients needing lighting and sound reinforcement for live music, dance performances, private parties hiring a DJ without a sound system, or house concerts. Alchemy Sound not only has some of the best equipment for professional reinforcement, but also an engineer with over 17 years of experience behind a live sound board. After spending 6 years with the City of Tallahassee as an Audio System Specialist, and 4 years at FSU pursuing his degree in commercial music, Cory Johnson opened his own studio and 

live sound company.


The full system boasts over 10,000 watts of power handling, 5,000 of which is dedicated to all four

 18" subwoofers. If you want your audience to dance, we’ve got plenty of low end. However, just because we have the ability to be loud, does not mean that is our goal. Alchemy Sound strives to get the perfect sound for the audience within a given listening environment. Alchemy Sound is also a great option for very inexpensive reinforcement for acoustic atmospheres. Every strum and every note will be intelligibly received by the audience via the crystal clear power of QSC PLX series amplifiers through the professional grade Electrovoice ZX4s. 


We house a 16 channel mixing board and mic snake for flexibility, 8 DBX compressors for control of dynamics, and a feedback filter for monitor mixes so that vocalists don’t have to scream their heads off to hear themselves over the stage sound.


Standard rates start as low as $150 for simple singer songwriter performances, and continue to stay very affordable up to $250 for the full sound system and lighting for large scale productions. These minimum and maximum rates reflect prices for standard gig set ups and hours. Rates may be higher for reasons such as the length of the gig being longer than 4 hours, multiple band set ups, or difficulties with load in and out due to location. Please contact us for a more specific price quote.


Although you will find our rates much lower than other local production companies, such as PSG, or Ultimate Light and Sound, you’ll find our professionalism

and sound quality to be of the same caliber.

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