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About  Us

"The idea behind Alchemy Sound Studios was to create a recording facility in Tallahassee where all types of artists and genres of music can enjoy a low cost, high quality facility, blending home and professional grade studios into an easy, laid back environment that fashions a vibe that both the
artist and engineer can enjoy during the long,
and sometimes grueling, process of cutting an album.
So far we have had a lot of success with our goals."
- Cory Johnson (producer/engineer)

Alchemy Sound began as a home studio, recording in a spare bedroom in the summer of 2001. Some of the early projects included work for Sight Unseen, Travis Sanders of Under Foriegn Skies, Defining Moment (later to become Mayday Parade,) and Seeking Sui. The studio was moved into a facility newly constructed and specifically built for recording in the summer of 2009, and since then has housed a few projects including Sinister Nasty, Upside Avenue, Oklahoma Stackhouse, The Naked Animals, Aaron O'Rourke, The Fried Turkeys, A Big Goodbye and Proper Villains.

Not only was the building of the studio made specifically for recording, but the facility has been treated with professional quality broadband bass absorption panels and acoustic devices such as diffusers, corner chunks, and super chunks. These acoustic treatments are used, built, and recommended by some of the most respected acousticians in the business. Created out of Owens Corning 703 fiber boards, these are nothing like the typical corner wedges and egg crate foam you buy at your local music store. These acoustic panels and corner fills render the studio with an incredibly flat frequency response, creating an environment that is perfect for both tracking and mixing, enabling the purist sound possible. Coupling this atmosphere with a decade and a half of experience with precise microphone placement, and the result is a very natural capture of sound that needs very little equalization manipulation. By preventing an overuse of filters, which can either create a very muddy or brittle tone,

Alchemy Sound can deliver a product that you can be proud to put your name on. 

The capture of the sound in the acoustic environment is only the beginning phase of high fidelity audio. After the microphone, there are many components in the signal path that have an enormous affect on quality.

Alchemy Sound uses all Mogami Gold XLR cables. These industry standard studio cables render an extremely clean signal with much lower degradation than standard cabling. Here at Alchemy Sound we have a variety of top quality studio mic preamps and hardware compressors. Many professionals in the industry will argue that a high quality mic preamp is just as, if not more, important than an exceptional microphone. For this purpose, Alchemy Sound houses preamps and compressors from some of the best brands in the business, including DBX, Vintech,

Great River and FMR audio. Our mic locker includes Lauten Audio, both Oceanus and Atlantis, a matched pair of Mojave MA-200's, Shure SM81's, SM7B's, SM57's, Sennheiser 421's, 602, 902, and many more.

Here at Alchemy, we also have a plethora of backline gear for musicians who may not own or have access to high quality gear. We have a Tama Star Classic Birch Studio kit, with an array of snares by Pork Pie and Tama in Maple, Birch and Brass. We house two different bass amps, one by Ibanez and the other a Little Mark III rig by MarkBass. We have a Yamaha P-80 weighted keyboard. For the guitarists, we have an Egnater Tourmaster 4100 head and 4x12 cabinet with Vintage 30's, a Fender Twin Reverb 2x12 combo amp and a Taylor 814ce.

Although you may find more options for gear and components in a $500,000 facility than what we have here,

Alchemy Sound's mission is to keep the cost for the client as low as possible while still creating an environment of professional gear and sound quality, striving to leave clients with a superior product, and an enjoyable and affordable recording experience.

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